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Limitations percieved and otherwise are driving me crazy. I am used to solving problems with a lower your head and crash into the wall kind of approach, and its just not working for me right now. My mother had a continuous excruciating headache for five days. Because of my health no one wants to bother me, but no one is stepping up and making bher go to the hospital either, finally my brother calls me, I drive directly to her apartment, take one look at her and know we have a serious problem. I package her off to the emergency room get her a catscan and two MRIs and sit with her in the hospital all weekend, until sunday night they decide that its shingles attacking her optix nerve, and boot me from the hospital because 1, exposure to shingles is bad for a cancer survivor, b. my post heart attack immune system is still compromised, and C. I look like shit because struggling with this while I am unacceptably week has exhausted my resources. So tonight I will go home and sleep after work, but this is intollerable, I need to be able to do the things that need to be done in my life. I just want to hit something, and blast writing it down has not made me feel better.
A Bargain


It amazes me that no one talks about the largest driving force behind unemployment, the relentless drive by the business community to reduce their work forces. We live in an age where the RIF (reduction in force) is an annual event at many companies, and the financial papers report layoffs as good news. (holding breath awaiting accusations of class warfare)
A Bargain

rpg progress notes

The ORP Potion Supplement is about half way done.

The next branch of the Infinite stair can go several ways depending on player choices, the module Icy Paths (a likely destination) is underway. Home of the Albino Aarcockra ( a favorite NPC race)

The Kingdom Module 19.1 "God and the Devil" is finished in concept, I will introduce another favorite NPC-Lou the patron devil of infernal bargains.

I am working on three encounters for Jeff's Far Pavillion Game E3 Shakedown is finished in concept, b ut perhaps a bit complicated. An Ofre Mage has a ring commanding a Dao (earth Genie) and is shaking down the community with earth creatures-Umberhulk, Bullette, Large Earth Elemental, Stone Giant, and pet Basilisk. Still need a concept on the other 2.

Be well.
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Role Playing

I am demonstrating the role playing game I wrote for a new group, they have selected one of my favorite scenarios to adventure in, here is how the intro goes.

Infinite are the incarnations of the multiverse, with every imaginable realm existing in its own limitless node. Behind it all is a grand staircase, connecting each node like a vast spider web of ways and byways. For some unknown reason, some beings are born with an affinity for the stair. You are such a being, and opened a long forgotten door onto a landing of a vast network of stairways hanging in space, bemused you wandered in, choosing a seemingly random path until you came to a vast platform with a dozen staircases heading off in various directions, on the platform is a large building full of light, and laughter, and noise. A sign reads: The Inn Finite, you enter a noisy common room still bemused and unspeaking, you are unfazed by the blue skinned Djinn tending bar. He beckons you over to sit on a stool beside others in a similar remote state, the Djinn waves his hand and beverages appear before you. "Well met Path finders, may your travels be profittable" Toasts the Djinn, you all drink, the cob webs fall off, and you are yourselves.

Create a backstory of how you came to find the stairs, mechanical charactor creation is simple, you can use the rules I sent or we can do it when I meet you.

Give me some feed back as to whether you guys would prefer to resolve conflicts with the use of miniatures for precise posistioning (more board gameesque) or you prefer to go with a purely descriptive approach-with some illustrations.

Should be fun
A Bargain

The media regarding union

The comments all over Rupert Murdochs conservative press are all about how union members have more so they should be stripped of that "excess", that is the lesson he is trying to teach you, DON'T LEARN IT, instead demand more for the working people, why lower some workers standards of living, instead demand a higher standard of living for everybody, stop being a vassal of Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers, who have no intrerest in your well being, and instead vote democrat, I admit that they are kind of stupid, but they genuinely care about the bottom 99%'s lot in life
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Class war

Wake up working people, you are in a class war!
The economy has grown yet wages for working people have stayed flat!
Because the top 1% have gobbled it all up!
They are bent with op eds like owning a home should not be part of the american dream, to convince everyone to expect less so they can have more!
Every time you cast a vote for a rebuplican you are firing a shot into the bottom 99%, switch sides, act in your own best interest Vote Democrat.
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Listen to me liberals

the gop is attempting the jedi hand wave on you.

"we have a mandate from the people, we do not have to compromise, we will make washington over in our image" cue spooky music.

We have the presidency, we have the Senate, refusing to negotiate is a tactic...


They can accomplish squat without us, Obama already has much of his agenda passed, force them to say no again again and again, they do not want to compromise let John Boehner chew off his own arm like a little rabid squirrel in a cage.

We are winning, its that simple stop acting like we are losing, stop appologising, the american people do not even know what Obamacare means. Stay agressive do the right thing but stop stop stop acting like you are powerless in the grip of the empire.

Obama has done an excellent job, say it out loud and often, when they whine back at you show them the picture of your ass you keep in your wallet, point to the lipstick stain, they will get the idea.